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One stop property management service for investors and ownersInvestor’s Service Company LLC is a one stop property management service for investors and owners.

NEW FOR 2014!


As our business grows into our second decade, we are always striving to improve our process to improve our client’s investment. This is why we are introducing the new Rent Pass–Through process.

Investor’s Service Companies innovative “Rent Pass-Through” process allows funds to be funneled directly to our clients allowing consistent and controlled rent received.

Our Rent Pass-Through process begins immediately upon first rents received and will remain consistent throughout the duration of the contracted management relationship. Call today to find out more!

We manage and collect rent, perform maintenance, provide twenty-four hour emergency services (We are your Construction / Disaster Recovery / Rehab Specialists) and meet all construction needs for many clients.

  • Professionally manage your homes & apartments
  • Perform any and all maintenance necessary
  • Fill occupancies with well screened tenants
  • Satisfied and happy landlords & tenants

Whether you have a new build, rehab/remodel, managing rentals, or just a repair, we will produce results that are one hundred percent without exception.

We have been in business for over ten years and guarantee all our work with on time results. We give free estimates, use quality materials and our professional staff will work around your time frame to assure complete satisfaction. We are also available with 24/7 on call service.